Virginia Hunting Laws

Virginia Hunting Laws

November 30
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Virginia Hunting LawsVirginia
consists of scenic landscapes and a menagerie of different game to be hunted.
Virginia hunting is not as strict as most regarding their hunting laws, but
like every other state, whatever laws they do honor, they also enforce heavily.

Like most states, Virginia hunting requires all hunters to to obtain a license,
and are required to present to any form of authority if asked. The various
forms of authority that have the jurisdiction to check for licensing are
officers of the law, a landowner of the property being hunted on, or an
employee of the property being hunted on. Keep in mind, your license is not
valid until you have signed it!

Virginia hunting requires you to have resided in the state for a minimum of six
months prior to purchase of license. There are very few exceptions, the most
popular one being in state or out of state students. These students must be
enrolled in a bonafide Virginia institution, minimum college level.

The hunting laws in Virginia require all hunters to be wearing a blazing
orange, that may also mean fluorescent. Persons accompanying hunters must wear
a orange hat or blaze orange upper body clothing which is visible from all 360
degrees. Wearing orange is not required during muzzle loading or archery deer
hunting seasons. Virginia hunting permits dogs to be used to pursue wild birds
and animals during hunting seasons where not prohibited. If your dog runs on to
prohibited land, you are allowed to go retrieve the dog without hunting while
on that prohibited land.

Virginia hunting is very exciting, at the same time, Virginia hunting likes to
maintain a level of respect between fellow hunters as well as for the deer. One
thing that is highly stressed is to not waste the game, and to not torture it
by having it die slowly. You must make every reasonable effort to retrieve all
game killed or crippled. Until such effort is made, such game shall be included
in the daily bag. This rule does not allow you to trespass without permission
of the landowner nor shoot game beyond established shooting hours.

Always remember, hunting is a privilege, not a right. The only person who can
create a cause of action to have their privilege revoked is you. Always keep
that in mind, be friendly with your fellow hunters and do not try to torture or
make the game feel lasting pain, that is not part of the sport.


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