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Your Guide to Types Guns

Your Guide to Types GunsGuns come in a myriad of types, including rifles, shotguns and pistols. In addiction to type, guns come in various calibers which is measured as the diameter of the barrel of the gun, as well as the diameter of the ammunition used in that weapon.

Antique guns

Antique guns are often subject to differing laws and regulations, depending on whether of not the guns function. Functioning antique guns hold a higher value than those that do not. However, antique guns that have never been fired hold the highest value of any antique guns.


The caliber of a weapon is used to determine the caliber of ammunition which will be fired from a gun. The caliber of ammunition is a measure of the diameter of that ammunition. Different caliber weapons may have a different purpose, as lower calibers may penetrate more effectively, but larger caliber ammunition may cause larger wounds and more extensive damage when fired.

Handgun laws

Handgun laws apply on the federal and state level. However, something allowed by federal law, may be prohibited according to state law. Yet, nothing prohibited by Federal law, may be allowed by state law.


Shotguns are fired while they rest on the shoulder of the operator.  Sawed off shotguns are those which have a barrel of less than eighteen inches. Sawed off shotguns require a special permit from the ATF and are prohibited in some states.

Machine gun

Machine guns may be automatic or semiautomatic. Automatic weapons require the operator to pull the trigger one time and maintain continuous firing. Semi automatic requires that the operator continuously pull the trigger. In both cases the guns have self loading ammunition.


Rifles may be automatic or semi automatic. Rifles are fired while the gun rests on the shoulder of the operator. Rifles are generally very accurate weapons which can inflict great injury at long distances. Sniper rifles employ the additional technology of a telescopic sight so that the operator can see their target from much greater distances, while firing accurately.


Silencers are used to make the sound of a weapon firing completely undetectable. Silencers reduce the gas that is released from the weapon, as well as the velocity at which the ammunition travels through the weapon, both of which reduce the sound of that weapon being fired.

Illegal guns

illegal guns are contributing to the frequency of crimes, especially violent crimes. There have been many attempts to curb the number of illegal guns that enter the country and so far, few have been effective.

Brady Bill

The Brady bill required that individuals undergo a waiting period before they were able to purchase a gun. In addition, no individual could buy a gun without being subject to an intense background check.