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Minnesota Gun Laws

Minnesota Gun Laws

Although Minnesota constantly ranks among the safest places in America, the state has fairly liberal gun rights. Minnesota gun laws are neither complex nor revolutionary, but instead fairly basic for a Midwest state. Like Michigan, the gun rights towards users of shotguns and rifles is completely casual.
There is no permit, license, or registration required for such firearms. Laws in regards to possession, purchase, and registration are basically non-existent for hunting weapons. Laws do require that these weapons be carried only in areas that allow target practice or hunting. The laws associated with handguns and semi-automatic weaponry are not as lax and should be detailed.
Under Minnesota gun laws, handguns require a permit to purchase and to carry. Gun rights in Minnesota are strict in regards to purchasing and carrying, but not licensing and registration-licensing and registration of handguns is not necessary.
Permits of purchase in Minnesota require a few basic restrictions to be met. Once purchased, a mandatory seven day period takes place in order for gun rights to be obtained. Buyers must be at least 21 years of age; complete an application; not show up in Minnesota’s gang database; must be a resident of the county in which the individual is requesting a permit; and lastly, must provide a certificate upon completing authorized firearms training.
In addition to a carrying permit, a transferee permit will allow an individual to purchase a gun legally. This alternative form requires an application process that takes 7 days to review and requires basic information as well as a common background check. All handguns purchased in Minnesota are documented in the state’s system, long guns purchased will be documented in the federal system. Minnesota gun laws also require a record of sale, and a permit to conceal and carry such firearms. 
Gun rights in Minnesota are strict in regards to concealment. Application for a permit to carry a concealed weapon is completed at the local sheriff’s office. The application is a standardized statewide form and it includes basic information along with a list of the applicant’s past 10 year residency history. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, a US citizen, and pass a basic firearms training course. Minnesota gun laws require a fee of $100 and a 30 day waiting period for either denial or approval of the permit. Concealed weapons (permit or not) may not be brought to places of education, worship, childcare centers, or private property where appropriate signs are posted.  
Perhaps the strongest part of Minnesota gun law is the connection between firearms dealers and law enforcement. The sale of firearms in retail shops and gun shows are inspected by the police, and security precautions are required.
Minnesota is a border state, restrictions must be present to dissuade gun trafficking and smuggling over country lines. Although concealment and purchasing require a permit to establish gun rights, there are no restrictions placed on ammunition, magazine size, assault rifle sale, or bulk purchases. More can be done to prevent illegal selling and trafficking, but Minnesota gun control laws are respectable compared to rest of the nation.



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