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Delaware Gun Laws

Delaware Gun Laws

Delaware gun laws do not restrict the purchasing
of firearms–which include rifles, shotguns, and handguns–to be subject to the requirement of a permit.
The only discrepancy that exists is that to purchase rifles and shotguns, you must be at least 18 years of age, while for purchase of a handgun, the individual must be at least 21 years of age. In order to be eligible to purchase a firearm, a prospective buyer must submit him/herself to a mandatory criminal background check. Furthermore, an adult record check is also required.
The only types of firearms that are exempt from necessitating any kind of background checks are those considered to be antiques or replicas. Individuals that are involved in law enforcement, as well as those possessing valid permits to carry concealed weapons, are also exempt from background checks as well. It is considered illegal to transfer or sell any kind of firearm to minors under the age 18, without consent from a parent or legal guardian.
Delaware gun laws also do not require any kind of permit for the possession of shotguns, rifles, or handguns. Individuals that are barred from possessing firearms are those that have a felony conviction. This is also extended to include misdemeanor offenses of a violent nature.
However, people with misdemeanor convictions may be eligible to possess and purchase firearms after fives years from the date of conviction. All convictions involving narcotics or controlled substances also render possession of firearms illegal to those with this type of criminal record. People that exhibit a history of mental instability or illness are also prohibited from possessing firearms. Under Delaware gun laws, air guns and BB guns are also included.
It is stated that no minor under the age of 16 may be in possession of a firearm, including air guns and BB guns, unless under the direct supervision of an adult. Furthermore, it is to be considered a misdemeanor charge for anyone to have in possession ammunition or projectiles intended for use with air guns or BB guns larger than that of a standard BB shot.
Under Delaware gun law, it is illegal for any person to carry a concealed firearm–whether it is loaded or unloaded–without the proper license. The application for the permit to carry a firearm must be processed by the Prothonotary of the Superior Court representing the county of residence of the applicant. Furthermore, the applicant must also provide five references from individuals residing in that area, attesting to the applicants moral character and reputation, correct age, and the necessity of the applicant to carry a concealed weapon is valid and warranted.
Each reference must write the letter  personally and sign it in order for the application to be approved. The license, when first issued, is valid for two years, and may be renewed every three years after the initial period. The central requirement of transporting shotguns and rifles–in automobiles, aquatic vehicles, and farm machinery–is that they must be unloaded to be considered under proper provision and observation of Delaware gun law.



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