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Antique Guns At A Glance

Antique Guns At A Glance

Antique guns are those guns which are from a certain era. To be classified as an antique, the gun must have been manufactured before a certain point in time. Generally, antique guns are classified according to the point in history when they were manufactured. However, antique guns can also be classified by the manufacturer of the gun, as well as the country where they were made.
Antique gun collectors may collect according to certain specifications. They may collect antique guns of a certain type, such as rifles. They may also collect according to manufacturer, such as Winchester.
However, the most important quality of an antique gun, is the condition of the gun. The most relished antique guns are those which are old but have never been fired. Those guns usually collect the highest price, especially when they are from a specific era, such as the civil war, or made by certain coveted manufactured.
Antique guns should have all the original parts and mechanisms.In addition, the guns should not have been altered in any way, in order for it to be a collectors gun.
The laws which regulate ownership of antique guns, vary in each state, as do travel restrictions with antique guns. Generally, individuals that show guns, can get special permits which allow them to transport the gun across state lines. However, working guns will likely require a gun license.