Guns Overview

Guns Overview

Guns Overview
Guns are weapons which can be used to gain compliance, inflict harm of cause the death of another. Guns may also be used in hunting and for other recreational purposes, such as target shooting. Replica guns may be used for recreational purposes as well, such as airguns which are replicas and meant to simulate the real weapon.
Guns are made of metal and usually coated in metals which will not be subject to rust or corrosion. The inside of the gun may be made from various materials each of which is strong and resistant to rust.
The type of  gun will dictate the type of ammunition used, but in most cases, the bullets are made of metal. The shape and style of the bullet, as well as the power of the gun, can determine the extent of injuries caused by the gun.
Semi automatic guns and automatic guns, both reload automatically. The shooter simply needs to pull the trigger, which initiates the reloading of the ammunition. A semi-automatic gun requires the user to continuously pull the trigger, while automatic guns require the shooter to simply hold the trigger down which initiates the ammunition to be continuously loaded and fired. 
Handguns require the shooter to pull the trigger each time they wish to fire the weapon and they also require the shooter to reload the weapon.
Replica guns are used for recreational purposes, as are BB guns. These guns may also be used for training for law enforcement agencies and the military. Replicas used in training, are meant to simulate the real weapon, in weight and in firing method.




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