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Silencer Overview

Silencer Overview

Silencer background
Silencers are used to reduce the sound of a weapon being fired. Silencers reduce the sound by slowing escaping gas. In addition, silencers reduce the velocity of the ammunition as it passes through the barrel of the weapon. Generally, silencers make the firing of weapons completely undetectable.

Muffler vs. Silencer 
Muffler and silencer are two terms for the same item. The silencer was invented for the same purpose as a car muffler, to muffle or silence the sound of a mechanism. Silencer is the term most often used to describe the item that is used to make the sound of a weapon firing undetectable.

Gun silencer

Gun silencers are manufactured to fit specific types of weapons. For example, a pistol silencer would be different than a rifle silencer because the manner in which those weapons fire is different. In fact, silencers should be made to fit specific models for each weapon to ensure that it fits properly.