Shooting Caught on Camera

Shooting Caught on Camera

Shooting Caught on Camera

A New predicament faces Oakland’s finest: Should police officers be allowed to view tape (recorded first-hand) of an officer-involved shooting before they file statements in a formal investigation?

The Oakland Bay Police Department is currently debating this question after officers shot and killed a suspect last week that was caught on tape. 

Oakland Police Officers began wearing cameras on their chests to definitively catch criminals in the act. This revolutionary means is a full-proof way to avoid lengthy court battles and the opportunity costs that arise from litigation. The cameras are tiny and covered by a protective sleeve.

On September 25th, two Oakland officers pulled over a car in East Oakland. When the cops approached the vehicle, the passengers fled on foot. The officers caught up to one of the individuals and claimed the suspect threatened them, leading an officer to shoot and kill the individual. 

The officer who killed the suspect had his chest camera rolling. Oakland Police allows officers to view footage only before making statements. 

Civil rights activists believe that videotaping can be helpful, but observing the footage before issuing statements could taint an officer’s account of the situation. 

The shooting remains under investigation and the video is not being released at this juncture. 




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