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What You Should Know About Class 3 Weapons

What You Should Know About Class 3 Weapons

Class 3 weapons include many types of weapons, including suppressors, short barrel riffles and short barrel shotguns. The laws in each state govern which type of weaponry be owned, transferred or manufactured in each state. In addition, the National firearms act sets out rules and regulations which govern gun ownership across the country.
In every case, a firearm must be registered according to the regulations of the National Firearm act. However, some states do not require an additional class 3 license if the individual has already been approved for handgun ownership. Those that have felony convictions may not own firearms and there are some other restrictions as well. However, an individual that has been approved and may own any firearm, will likely be able to own class 3 weapons.
Yet, there is a rather lengthy process involved in obtaining ownership of class 3 weapons. Although there may not be a specific requirement for a class 3 license, individuals still have to wait for the background check and other paperwork to be filed. The process can in fact take several months.
After identification and photos have been submitted, the individual must also submit proof that they are legally allowed to possess a handgun. They must also pay a transfer fee for class 3 weapons, which is a form of an excise tax. If their background check is approved, they will then retain ownership of that gun after it is registered with the government, according to that guns serial number.



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