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Weapon Laws Of New York

Weapon Laws Of New York

Weapons laws in New York State have continued to impose the same restriction on state residents and visitors as were once carried out at the federal level by the formerly-applicable Federal Assault Weapons Ban. As such, weapons held or owned in New York State are banned if, having been manufactured since 1994, they have magazines which can hold over 10 rounds. New York weapon laws also restrict rifles which possess at least two features which, in combination, confer illegality, such as include flash suppressors and pistol grips.

Weapon laws in New York are considered fairly lenient toward guns considered to be more for hunting use than assault or self-defense. New York weapon laws on handguns, on the other hand, are considered fairly restrictive, with mandatory requirement for New York State Pistol License registration for any potential handgun owners, and New York City local weapon laws effectively prohibit handgun ownership by residents.



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