Understanding Types of Caliber

Understanding Types of Caliber

Understanding Types of Caliber
Caliber is described as the measure of diameter of a weapon and therefore, the size of the ammunition. The measure of  the barrel of any weapon, dictates the size of ammunition, although the ammunition may be of various types. For example, a weapon that can handle 50 caliber hollow point bullets, can usually use other types of bullets of the same caliber.
50 caliber
50 caliber weapons use ammunition that is approximately .5 of an inch in diameter. These types of weapons tend to be large and heavy, so that the weapon can handle the large ammunition. In most cases, this type of weapon is not practical, but may be used for hunting. 
45 caliber
The weapons used for 45 caliber ammunition are not as heavy and large as those used for 50 caliber ammunition. However, this size ammunition is very effective, as it causes wound that are large. In addition this type of ammunition easily penetrates the skin, as well as hard bone.
40 caliber
Some famous 40 caliber weapons include those used during World War I and II. For instance, the Russian Navy has 40 caliber weapons which were used to protect their ships. Since then, many more 40 caliber weapons have been invented and they are now smaller and lighter than they had been in the past.
38 caliber
38 caliber guns are used by the United States navy and can be mounted as single purpose weapons or dual purpose weapons. Single purpose weapons can only be used at one elevation, while dual purpose can fire into the air and at water level.
32 caliber
32 caliber weapons are smaller and weigh less than many guns which use higher caliber ammunition. However, they may not be as reliable as larger guns. In addition, 32 caliber weapons tend to be less expensive, but they may be of a lower quality than guns with higher caliber ammunition.
30 caliber
30 caliber weapons are generally lightweight and small, which makes them easy to conceal. In addition, 30 caliber weapons have only a small recoil, which makes them beneficial for beginners or those that are not very strong. They were popular weapons with the United States military during World War II and the Korean war and they were made  in several varieties to accommodate soldiers in different scenarios.
22 caliber
22 caliber weapons tend to be some of the smallest and light weight available, as it does not take a large weapon to handle this caliber of ammunition. 22 caliber magazines are some of the most popular ammunition around the world, which means that 22 caliber weapons are also popular. These weapons can be handled by many individuals, especially beginners, because the recoil is so small.




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