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Sub Machine Gun At A Glance

Sub Machine Gun At A Glance

Sub machine guns are those guns which have a carbine that automatically loads ammunition from pistol cartridges. Sub machine guns have the firing power of a machine gun but they use the ammunition from a cartridge, like those used in pistols. 
Ownership of a sub machine gun is prohibited in many countries. In fact, there are only a few countries which allow private citizens to own a sub machine gun. In the United States, gun ownership is governed by the National Firearms Act. There are very specific rules and regulations which individuals must adhere to in order to be permitted to own any gun in the United States.

Individuals must first apply for the permit. The application includes a background check which is conducted after the individual has provided proof of identity and residency. The individual must also include two photos, as well as their fingerprints. There are several issues that can come up during a background check, which would disallow gun ownership, including felony convictions.

In addition to the regular gun ownership permit, citizens that wish to own a sub machine gun , must also  have registered their sub machine guns prior to 1986. In fact, the manufacturing of these weapons is limited in the United States and no new ownership permits are permitted for those that had not registered the weapon prior to 1986. In addition to the federal law which regulates the ownership of sub machine guns, many states forbid ownership, even if they were registered as prescribed by federal law.