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Texas Gun Law

Texas Gun Law

Texas gun laws are relatively relaxed. In Texas, most individuals are able to purchase and carry a firearm. Under Texas gun law, an individual is not permitted to possess a firearm if he/she has been found guilty of a felony offense. A conviction of a class A misdemeanor may also bar an individual from possessing a firearm. Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to purchase firearms.
It is a criminal offense to sell or give a firearm to a minor, unless that minor has written consent from his/her parents. Any individual is also prohibited from selling a firearm and necessary ammunition to an individual who is intoxicated or who is planning to use that firearm for malicious acts. Texas gun law does not require an individual to obtain a license to purchase, possess, or carry a shotgun or a rifle. An individual will require a permit to carry a handgun. However, in Texas, he/she will not need to register his/her firearm. 



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