All You Need To Know About The NRA Membership

All You Need To Know About The NRA Membership

All You Need To Know About The NRA Membership
The National Rifle Association is an organization for any person who has an interest in firearms. For those individuals that consider themselves as pro-gun or against gun control, then NRA membership is something to truly be considered. It is important to realize that NRA's campaign and main purpose is to protect the American civil right to bear arms as stated in the Bill of Rights under the Second Amendment.
The NRA is the foremost organization involved in lobbying at various political platforms to defend and protect the Second Amendment. In gaining NRA membership, an individual will have access to copious amounts of information regarding firearms, the campaigning for Second Amendment civil rights, as well as information regarding the various programs that the NRA offers.
Being a pro-gun organization, a member may find ways in which they may individually support the cause, whether through volunteering, funding, or even in ways in which they may address the issue on a local level in their own communities. In conjunction with the Internet, NRA members can have access to all the information the NRA, has such as current news, state and federal gun laws, the various programs and their locations, and communication between other NRA members as well.
To obtain NRA membership, the easiest and simplest way is to access their website at Otherwise, applications may be available at local firearms dealers and through the organization's publications. Memberships are available in various terms, ranging to a one-year membership to a life-time membership. Membership costs are as follows:
      1 Year: $35.00
      2 Year: $60.00
      3 Year: $85.00
      5 Year: $125.00
      Life Membership: $1000.00
The Life Membership is also available to paid in forty $25.00 installments on a quarterly basis. Other membership options include Junior, Distinguished, Patron, Benefactor, and Endowment memberships. The Junior membership is for those wanting NRA membership who are under the age of 15; The Distinguished membership is for Seniors or Disabled Veterans.
The other memberships that include Patron, Benefactor, and Endowment options are available to Life Members only. Each option denotes another membership price, which currently ranges between $2,000 and $5,000. Members of this caliber are eligible to vote in NRA elections, receive special recognition at events, and receive a certificate stating the Life Member status.
NRA membership benefits are several. Aside from being able to stand for pro-gun rights and voice your political stance, there are other perks as well:
      Official NRA members-only hat
      Membership card and decal
      Insurance for the membership card holder and his/her guns
      Invitations to NRA events
      Choice of NRA magazines
It is also listed as a benefit the "24/7 defense of your Second Amendment freedoms." Members at the Junior level under the age of 15 would receive the Insights magazine, which is specifically designed with children in mind, while teaching them the importance of the Second Amendment and firearm safety. The other magazines to choose from include American Rifleman, America's 1st Freedom, American Hunter, Shooting Sports and Shooting Illustrated, each geared with a specific target-audience in mind, so as to cover the various aspects involved with firearms.
An NRA membership seems to be a choice that should strongly be considered for any individual with pro-gun political leanings and sentimentality. The NRA is a firm believer in protecting and insuring the right to bear arms, and anyone that believes in the cause should become a member of the organization.




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