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Semi Automatic Rifle Quick Overview

Semi Automatic Rifle Quick Overview

Bolt action rifles  are those rifles which have a bolt action which occurs manually. The shooter must open  and close the barrel with a lever which is found on the right side of the gun. The operator then unlocks the bolt, allowing any spent shell casing to be released from the weapon and then they may again cock the weapon. Bolt action rifles are often single shot rifles, which need to be manually loaded after they have been fired, each time.
In contrast, semi automatic rifles are those which require little effort from the operator. In order to  load the weapon the operator simply needs to pull the trigger, which allows the gun to reload itself. Semi automatic weapon scan be single shot rifles if the operator wishes them to be, but semi automatic rifles often have a different purpose that a bolt action rifle.
Bolt action rifles are commonly used for hunting. Although there is more user involvement in loading the gun, semi automatic rifles may be unnecessary for hunting. In addition, bolt action rifles are much less expensive than their semi automatic rifle counterparts.
Bolt action rifles and semi automatic rifles, can both have astounding accuracy. In addition, both rifles can be made form lightweight material, making them easy to maneuver. However, state laws may dictate which type of weapons are allowed to be purchased in the state, as well as which types may be used for hunting.



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