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Shotgun and its Laws

Shotgun and its Laws

What is a Shotgun?
A Shotgun is classified as a firearm that can range from single-shot to automatic dispersion of ammunition; Shotguns are loaded with ammunition called ‘shotgun shells’, which are classified as single encasings of a large amount of metal pellets or bearings that are released upon contact with a target. Shotguns can be used for a variety of purposes, which range from hunting to combat.

Shotgun Laws
Shotguns are available for purchase on the commercial market; however the types of shotguns that are available for civilian purchase are limited to primarily two types of Shotgun models:
Pump-action Shotguns are classified as Shotguns that are neither auto-loading, nor semi-automatic; this means that through the use of a pump-action loader, individual shells can be inserted into the chamber of a Shotgun and dispersed individually – in many cases, situations that do not require a consistent flow ammunition are served by these types of Shotguns
Semi-automatic Shotguns are a type of Shotgun that does not require individual loading; these Shotguns retain the ability to ‘auto-load’, which makes the manual insertion of individual shells into the chamber unnecessary – however, semi-automatic Shotguns are not able to fire multiple shells consecutively upon the steady application of pressure to the trigger
Illegal Shotguns
The following Shotguns are considered to be illegal for civilian ownership and possession:
A sawed-off Shotgun is a type of Shotgun whose barrel has been purposely shortened in contrast to the gun’s original design
Automatic Shotguns are types of Shotguns that release a consistent flow of ammunition upon the steady application of pressure to the trigger