Mississippi Hunting Laws

Mississippi Hunting Laws

Mississippi Hunting Laws

Like every state, Mississippi hunting is regulated by an organization that sets the rules for hunting. This organization is called the Department of Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. These Mississippi hunting laws can change depending on what type of animal one is hunting. For instance, Mississippi duck hunting has the same regulations as Mississippi deer hunting.

If one is between the ages of 16 and 64 years old, they must have a hunting license to legally catch animals. The exception to that Mississippi law on hunting is if one is hunting on their own property. Even individuals who visit Mississippi are legally required to have a Mississippi hunting license, if they are over the age of 17.

An officially disabled person is not required to have a Mississippi hunting license, but they have to carry a copy that Social Services released to the disabled person, declaring them officially disabled. Individuals who do not are likely to get into legal trouble. If a person gets their Mississippi hunting license in an illegal manner, then they may be ordered to spend up to a year in jail as well pay a fine of $2,000.

Mississippi hunting laws vary depending on what type of animal one is hunting. Beavers, raccoons and foxes cannot only be hunted at night. Mississippi duck hunting requires strict regulations about how many ducks are allowed to be killed each day. According to Mississippi duck hunting laws, an individual can bag six ducks per day, and those are broken down into the type of duck. For instance, one must not kill more than four mallards in one day, and no more than two female mallards are allowed to be killed.

Mississippi hunting laws require an individual to hunt only in particular places. No one is allowed to hunt near any public streets, highways or thruways. Different guns are required for different types of animals when hunting, according to Mississippi hunting laws. Smaller animals require guns such as a .22 hand gun. When hunting a bigger animal, like a deer, a larger single or double-barreled rifle is permitted. Certain clothes must be worn while hunting deer. During open gun season, to avoid accidents, individuals must wear neon orange vests during times like open gun seasons, unless they are on their own property.

There are many complicated rules and regulations when it comes to Mississippi hunting laws. Before one begins to hunt, they should check with the Department of Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks so that they are aware of every rule, no matter how small.




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