West Virginia Hunting Laws

West Virginia Hunting Laws

West Virginia Hunting Laws

West Virginia hunting has made some minor changes this season. They have recently extended “antler less” deer hunting, which now begins in September for both archery, and muzzleloader hunting. This decision was made due to two reasons, first being the roughest times of winter affecting these hunters’ season, and for the rapid increase in deer population within the region.

Like every other state, there are different licenses for different game. The main licenses held by hunters in the state of West Virginia are classes A, X, and XJ. A being Buck only gun season, X being Bow, buck only, and muzzleloader, while XJ is Junior bow, buck-only, and muzzleloader. There are certain additions needed when hunting for bears, coyotes, antler less deer, or other West Virginia hunting game.

Any person born on, or prior to January 1, 1975 must present a certificate of satisfactory completion of a Hunter Education Course in order to be issued a hunting license or a stamp. A person is not eligible to hunt unless they have the proper licenses, a photo ID, and a proof of hunter safety certification if required.

West Virginia has a point system set up for hunting violations in order to prevent reckless or negligent acts. Persons found guilty of either shooting a human or livestock automatically have their license revoked for five years. The highest amount of points one could accumulate is ten points, before their license is suspended for a total of two years. Points are removed after the second year of revocation or upon renewal of license.

Like any other state, West Virginia land regulations are designed in order to prevent recklessness, protect the interest and safety of others, along with preventing intent of unethical conducts. It is illegal to hunt in state parks, safety zones in state forests, and or wildlife management areas. Without the permission of the landowner, it is prohibited to shoot, hunt, or trap upon the fenced or posted grounds of another person. It is illegal to hunt with a fully automatic firearm, or carry and uncased or loaded gun after 5 am on Sunday in counties which prohibit Sunday hunting, except at a regularly used firearm range, or except as provided in the trapping regulations.

For any further questions regarding West Virginia hunting or hunting on specific West Virginia land, there are many contacts who are readily available to assist you. You can either go on www.wvhunt.com or contact (304) 558-2758.




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